Longsword fencing classes

The Noble Science Academy's primary branch is located in the Upper Valley, straddling the border between New Hampshire and Vermont.

Our school in Lebanon, established in 2014, is currently following the Academy curriculum for longsword (emphasizing the use of both Italian and German longsword techniques), rapier (emphasizing Giganti), Dagger, and Messer (Falchion).  No other school in the Upper Valley teaches real sword-fighting techniques based on historical treatises.

Our adult/adolescent class schedule is currently:


5:00 - Advanced Longsword
6:00 - Longsword
7:00 - Rapier / Dagger


5:00 - Advanced HEMA
6:00 - Longsword
7:00 - Rapier / Messer (Falchion)


11:00 - Rapier / Longsword
12:00 - Open Floor

Classes for children are currently being scheduled.  Please contact us for details.

Private fencing lessons are also available upon request.

Interested in joining our historical fencing classes?  Contact us.