The Noble Science Academy in New Hampshire offers regular Historical Fencing and European Martial Arts classes for children, giving children the chance to try out Medieval and Renaissance weapons like the longsword and the rapier in a safe and fun environment.

In our high-energy youth classes, children learn respect, self-discipline, and focus while having fun and getting exercise, all as part of the process of learning the art of the sword.

Don't worry about equipment—we'll provide everything your child needs to get started.

Our children's classes are:

Children are taught to show respect for each other and for their training tools, and safety gear is always worn when appropriate.  Our instructors ensure our classes have an environment of encouragement and learning, never of fear.

Most children naturally love to play at swords, but you know what's more fun than swordplay?  Learning to get good at swordplay.  Our classes provide the opportunity for children to learn tangible skills that allow them to improve their ability at the blade.  Classes include many kinds of active learning games that keep the interest of children while simultaneously teaching them.

As they take part in our classes, your child will move a lot.  Learning to fence is excellent exercise, involving constant movement of the core of the body and all four limbs.