Michael-Forest with longsword outside

Michael-Forest Meservy is the lead Scholar and instructor of the New England chapter of the Academy.  Michael-Forest initially began his study of the longsword in 2001 under the instruction of Jake Norwood.  Since founding the Noble Science Academy, Michael-Forest has developed an efficient curriculum containing comprehensive systems for teaching and learning several historical weapons, including longsword, rapier, Scottish broadsword, and sword & buckler.  Michael-Forest has also taught at events all over the country, including at Longpoint, SoCal Swordfight, and IGX.  He is a certified instructor of the HEMA Alliance, and also holds an MLitt in Medieval History from the University of Glasgow.

Scholar Jonathan

Jonathan Helland is an instructor of the New Hampshire/Vermont chapter of the Academy.  Not only is Jonathan a Scholar (in both longsword and single rapier), he was the Academy's first student to achieve the rank of Scholar in multiple weapons.  Jonathan began his studies with the Academy in early 2015.

Mark with longsword in Vom Tag

Mark Froese is the lead Scholar and instructor of the original Academy study group, located in Northern Nevada.  Mark has been studying the longsword since 2012, and continues to develop and share his understanding of the Art.