Historical European Martial Arts

Europe has a rich martial history, and self-defense was a matter of great importance in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  At the Noble Science Academy, we teach the fighting arts of Europe which, while mostly forgotten after the rise of gunpowder, were never lost.

In addition to the Academy's study of a variety of weapons, students in the Academy will have the opportunity to study Ringen and Abrazare (German and Italian grappling), Historical Pugilism, Savate, and Scottish Backhold (a style of Folk Wrestling).  Unlike many modern wrestling arts, historical martial arts placed an emphasis on self-defense and neutralizing threats; Ringen and Abrazare, for example, focus on joint manipulations and throws designed to take an opponent out of the fight as quickly as possible.

Unarmed HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) classes are now regularly taught at the Academy.